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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 2, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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you better get ready to run at this rally if one of these behemoth race trucks start coming your way. what happened when one journalist just isn't quick enough. important boots the cat of stuck in a tree for 36 hours. see the rescue made possible bay go found me campaign. >> what? a baggage handler takes a surfer's precious cargo and drops it. this video has travellers say drop me a check. plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. see how to make a cool water color coaster and meet the
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backwards guys. see what he says one way that comes out another. >> wait! >> one of the most appealing parts of watching rally racing especially as a suspect pectato can get close. in russia there is no course plotd out nuclear program no trees to hide behind. essentially nowhere to go if one of these behemoth race trucks start coming your way. watch out. >> dude! >> yep. this giant soviet truck comes blasting up the dow jones. keep in mind these trucks are racing. they do not want to slow down for spectators or cameramen journalist and in one case as much as he tried to slow down he couldn't avoid an impact with a
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cameraman. watch out! oh, oh, oh! look at this. tire tracks. >> you can see this group of people scatter as this truck presses the dune. but can't quite avoid all of these people and this guy winds up tripping, falling and getting run over. as far as i can tell this video is not the truck driver's fault but that guy was injured and taken to the hospital. he laid there in the stands for quite some time as people called for emergency services to come and help this guy out. reports say he had a bruised lung and a broken arm. >> i think it's the sand that saved him. as he was run over he got a little bit of protection. that's a bad day at work.
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♪ you guys are familiar with the phrase less commonwealth re -- let's get ready to rumble. okay forget all of that. on the show -- because it is a pretty big brawl. >> somebody say rumble. >> see that guy. >> seriously. >> he won the gold medal for ukraine at the summer olympics in atlanta in 1990 -- >> what did he get the gold medal for? >> wrestling. >> no wonder he's feeling confident. >> apparently he got pulled over and this is what happened. they are not going to take him down without a fight. he swings at them. so they've already peppered sprayed him. beamed him on the noggin with
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that stick. he's still fighting back hard at 50 years old. he's suspected of drunk driving. seven police officers. they get him down to the ground. all of them have to jump on top, put their knees into his back. >> you can fight back like that. if you fight back effectively against one officer they will send 20. >> he was arrested for drunk driving. no information on any charges after that. ? we got him. boots was stuck in the tree in a melbourne neighborhood for 36 hours. somebody had to be called in to rescue it.
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rescue was effected by a go found me campaign. so people who own the cat said they called firefighters and the r spca but said those two organizations didn't help them. so their neighbor decided to start a go found me campaign. >> what for? how? >> how much does it cost to rescue a cat? >> they raised $156 to rescue this cat because they had to pay money to have somebody come own take theat out of the tree. >> gotcha. >> that guy said he's seen cats stay up in the trees for 21 days. why wouldn't they come get him. >> because they know the ckacat would come out of the tree on his own. >> i'm going to go fund me. i need a new wig.
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>> house. mortgage payment. >> you have nothing to lose, right? it's time to give away another ipad mini. you need be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> your buzz word is coming up by in just a little bit. stand by everyone for the ipad mini giveaway. this video is from auckland international airport. passengers got off the qantas flight because they saw this surf board coming off the cargo area. it's labelled as fragile. i don't think they can read. >> oh [ bleep ] my board. >> picks it up. just drops it on the tarmac.
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picks it up. >> i'm glad they recorded this. >> whole bunch on the floor already. a couple leaning there. watch this. sleek move. picks it up. just chucks it over his shoulder. some airlines charge you extra just to take a surf board on the plane. this video was posted on the facebook page which later was and the down. there's ground handling companies that do this. we reached out to aviation for comments but got nothing back. >> for people who don't know or care this is a third-party handling. >> because i paid my money to this airline and i put my stuff in this airline's care and whoever they decided to hire from there is them. so cut me a check!
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olive garden.
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this is flat out beautiful. at first i thought the drum shot was going up a mountain side but no going across and looking right down angel falls in venezuela. >> isn't this where they did the movie "up." it's incredible. >> it looks like that a little bit. look at that shot. just straight down this giant waterfall. my eye was taken over by the waterfall but let's not forget that guy. >> i was looking at all the beautiful grener e green engine side of the scene. >> that's a rock climber dangling right by. this helps you put it into perspective. this scale, the grandeur of the waterfall. >> that's just stunning in every way from every angle. i'm sitting here how i do do this? i want to go. >> i want to be there.
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it is just magical. >> yes, it is. >> beautiful, beautiful shot. >> nothing to be done. clark's third law which is named after arthur c. clark says any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinct i tint from magic. >> i want to design my own software. >> he's much smarter an all of us. >> you can set it up in a way it will put itself in rest mode. >> it looks like a basic mirror. you see him talking in his reflex. there's wickets that takes care of weather and time and even one
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f music. he built and designed the software. >> let's play music. tap on the play button. real simple. now if i want to control the volume all i would have to do is hold this up to the mirror. >> have a lot of dancing in the mirrors videos popping up soon. >> it's so much more. >> if i tap up this button it brings up the app function. >> now watch the x men movie. >> that will slow me down in the morning getting ready. now i'm watching trailers. >> once this technology hits two minutes before commercials hit all over it. do you need more toothpaste? >> i'll be getting wigs all over
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my mirror. >> everyone seems to think it's real but we're all looking for the fake. we're wondering if this after effect, people are going ask who is this guy. he's not steve jobs. people want to know if it's real. i'll monitor this. if i get any more information i'll bring it back to you. >> this is a reflex into the future. solving rubic's cube in the weirdest way. next "right this minute." >> got a cool car to sell? use doughnuts. why this impressive display makes you want to pay a pretty penny. >> the buzz>> the buzz word you to miss if a shot to win an ipad mini. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles.
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act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. the skin on your feet is 20 times thicker, so our 7 intense moisturizers penetrate deeply... leaving feet softer, smoother, healthier looking. gold bond. relief starts now. there are many ways to sell cars. why not do it with a doughnut like with this car. its a cool old car. this one has recently been gone over and the doughnuts are the rubber kind, the kind of doughnuts that only a cool old sports car like this can give. when we tell you we have imaginative cars, i always thought this was like a mini mustang kind of thing. cool lines. >> you don't see this car
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typically in the states. this is offered from a european company that does the restoration on cars just like this. it is so well prepared. 2,000 gt engine. it accepts a much larger engine. >> what's the asking price? >> this particular one going for around $150,000. >> how about $150,000. >> like i said, this one has been very well prepared. lots of fancy equipment there. it's more than just a cool car. i'm going to teach you how to be a very good artist who hears this. >> very interesting. it's like sad but in a happy way. so much feeling coming out of it. but blue, but green but really the color of purple.
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>> i won't teach you. how to make something super cool. >> talking about these coasters we're about to make. they will look like water color. you want to show them off everybody. >> nice. i love coasters. >> she got inspiration from at that blog. i got a cool hexagon shape. >> have a white tile. >> once you have it cleaned off more rubbing alcohol. >> make a squirrelly pattern in the middle of your tile. before that dries take some alcohol ink, a few drops down in the alcohol, watch it bleed. >> jessica always manages to pick up a whole range of emotions. check it out. the alcohol is already starting to break up the color and make it took like a water color painting. >> she finishes off with a spray
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glass. >> i have one i sprayed down. >> so to shohow us how to make e of our own we have jessica here. >> this is fun. >> are you ready to try this technique. >> you each have a tile. >> but a circle of alcohol on the center of your tile. >> choose a color. you have three colors. >> this is fun. i might have a project i like. >> this is cool. i have a whole other look. >> you can swirl it around. >> i started with a simple one look. >> i get an a plus. >> that's nice. >> i finally have something i like. >> you guys want to do it at home go to our website or go to our mobil app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. to answer you need the buzz word pup need to be 18 years of age
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and a u.s. legal age. >> head over to agent is the buzz word. >> click on the win ipad button and monday's buzz worth "agent." >> they don't call him the backwards dude for nothing. >> he's pretty legit. >> the random backwards talent that makes for the ultimate m$
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puppy has a water bed.
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♪ they call him the bad ones. he's pretty legit. >> now it's going to reverse it and hopefully i'll hear it. live pitch in his ear. [ laughter ] >> i did this when i was young. i figured out how to say my name backwards. reverse that and it will be my name. >> it's the same concept. it's an app that came out in 2013. reverse cam. >> people who created that app when they saw this guy hey we sold on. >> we saw it on social media years ago. people use the app to make them look like they are coming out of
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a waterfall. >> he may have memorized that. >> i like the move it, move it. >> i like the move it, move it. >> this is a completely useless talent. >> i'll give you a song really quick. ♪ >> now is song. >> ♪ i can't see me loving nobody but you for the rest of my life ♪ >> you have to reverse the melodys. >> i don't understand how his brain can do that. >> i'm pretty sure his parents dropped him on his head. >> he posted one right before super bowl as well. [ talking backwards ]
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>> pretty cool talent. we all have these hidden talents we bust out at parties. >> amazing. >> thanks for hanging out with us today. hit the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini and catch us on our next "right
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a policeman suddenly slams on the brakes but the driver behind him stops in time and does not collide with the police car. >> the video that tells the whole twisted story how the driver wound up with a ticket. >> i brakd because i thought you were going to run into me. a para motor pilot using the road as a runway is impressive except when it's really not. it's an amazing look at how animals bond with humans. the story of a man's remarkable relationship with a wild otter. the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad muse. look who is in the hot seat at the famed racing school. how we put a dodge viper to the


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